Cartoon/Smartoon: The Divine 69.

What do all of these cartoon ladies have in common you may ask? They are ALL hot. Before I continue, let me relay a little "boy/man fact"(I might loose my man card for this). At a very young age, all boys start "liking" girls before they actually like girls. I'm talking like....before we start spreading cooties and pulling ponytails young. And where did we look....cartoons. The funny part, is that those boys-now men never really grow out of it. We remember all of our childhood animated hotties from our past, we accrue those of the present and they effect how we live our life...the girls we date/marry, the drinks we buy etc. This is not something I made up, this is a fact.

I'm a lazy bastard,  but Joker over at WAS put together a list....yes a list of the top 69 cartoon hotties. Joker is a writer, so he really gets into it. He made the claim that "our [men] dicks are mightier than our logic," but I don't think there is anything illogical about a Rogue-Princess Jasmin-Street Fighter Cammy, threesome.



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