A Bohemian Thursday.

 It's not in my era nor my social/cultural strata. But, I'm a product of the New England educational system and I'm ahem......well traveled enough to note the cultural relevance of this song and rank it appropriately. And down load it on my ipod...and then sing it drunkenly at karaoke bars across the nation. The writer over at A Perfectly Cromulent Blog denotes the conversation that may or may not have occurred between the 2 respective artists.

"Hi Elton, it's Axl."
"Hello, Axl."
"Look, before we go on stage I just want to say, when I sang that line about 'immigrants and faggots' in 'One in a Million,' I didn't mean gays like you."
"Gays like me?"
"You know, the talented ones."
"Well that's very pleasant of you to say. By the way, I just got off the phone with Slash and Izzy and convinced them to leave the band."

Go ahead. Play it. And let all your fears melt away.

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