The Linkdown.

1. America....once again I say, you scare me to death. And you anger me. 

2. Did you guys see Chris Brown's teleprompter apology to Rihanna.  I-am-SOR-RY.

3. Baby got BACK-pack. Haha

4. A snake with a leg- discovered, and then killed. Thanks China

5. Making of The Blueprint 3 cover

6. I'm so late that I don't want to write a whole blog post about Kanye's stunt on Sunday, but you have to see how Jay Leno handled it. (Jay pretty much made that dude cry...good job)

7. But if you think Mr. West's apology isn't heartfelt enough, generate your own apology for him.

8. No really, was there no security at the VMAs?  I may be to old to watch the VMAs, but I appreciate a good awkward moment in front of millions. 

9. McEnroe checks you prostate, with a 50 foot arm

11. Oh Hell Yeah, finally drinking meets fashion

12. Serena Williams learns a $10k lesson. (I'd rather quit tennis all together than give away 10g....incidentally, this whole situation makes her 10x cooler in my book.)



Writing Horses said...

so glad you're back!

DC Tea Party: WHAT THE FUCK (It deserved to be spelled out, here)

Chris Brown: SNorrrre

Backpack: geez

Still don't believe Kanye's apology, either. He's full of shit. And yes, I am too old to care.

Lil Mama: Where'd you come from?! Get back in your seat, lil girl.

Can I wear that tie to work?

shaun. said...

all valid critiques. And yes, you can wear that tie to work.