"Is it a villian you want? I'll play the part. What is a drama without a villain? After all, what is the building of this grand road if not a drama? This business...is not for the weak of heart. What is a thorny brutal affair... awards the lion for it ferocity.

But what of the zebra? What of the poor zebra? Well the zebra is eaten as it should be....the Lion shall prevail. You see, the secret I know exists... all of history is driven by the lion. We grab the poor zebra, kicking and praying. With its cheap blood. History...doesn't remember us fondly. But then history is written by the zebra, for the zebra.

100 years hence. When this railroad spans the continent. America rises to be the greatest power the world has ever seen...I will be remember as a... caitiff, a malefacto, who only operated out of greed for personal gain. But remember this...without me and men like me. Your glorious railroad would never be built."

- Hell On Wheels, AMC

I am not a big Western period piece man myself...but, this show is pretty solid. AMC is bringing it's A game.

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