The Linkdown: After a Snowfilled Halloween.

2. Banksy makes his wealthy contribution to occupy wallstreet. To be a rich well fed artist.

3. In celeb Halloween costume news: Coco goes for gold again, the Today show makes fun of the royal wedding, Snookie insults the Thundercats and Kiedi Klum wins once again. The real story of Halloween however is what happens to super "stars" when they park in handicap spot. Usher cant dance his way out of this one.

5. Rihanna gets a little druggy in her new video with dude that sort of looks like Chris Brown. Eh...who cares?

7. The color palette of good vs evil. I think this translates into real life. I work with this guy who stay wearing purple. And you can tell me he's NOT trying to take over the world.

8. Jay Z is gonna be in a cartoon. He is a camel....jk.

9. What Smurfs looks like in real life....still kinda cute and cudely....in a creep sort of way.

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