The 78-square-foot Apartment.

Now...I'm not a square foot snob, by any means. But I do like things like...rooms. Call me a needy, but I don't like to share my bathroom with people who don't pay for my rent. Meet Luke Clark Tyler. He is an architect, that has decided to live in a hallway. Why? Because he is lazy. That's what I get from this 7 minute video.

Yes...NY is a bitch when it comes to finding a place, but it's also a double edged sword. If you allow yourself to be taken advantaged off.....it will do that to0. A grown man living in an over sized coffin is not ok. I dont care how hipster you think you are, your skinny jeans should not be sharing a living space with your microwave = radiation crotch. Around 3:30 he states that he is a vegetarian. And suddenly it all made sense. Then he said he was paying $800 for it. And I was confused again.

If I lived there, I would be paying rent in blowpops and high fives (maybe even low fives). And there sure as hell wouldn't be any guests (overnight or otherwise). But I wouldn't caught up like that.

P.S. My issue is the amount of money he is paying for that space....not the space itself (though I think the space is utterly ridiculous aswell).

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