The Linkdown: COuntdown to my Vacation.

1. Things no one told us, but we learn anyway....illustrated.

2. Seriously, Russia has no advertising standards. Airline Advertising = Vagina's. (NSFW)

3. Remember in 4th grade, when you used folders in school to hide your tests? Well fuck that...it's 2010.

4. For the ladies...this is the opposite of Megan Fox being in lingerie.

5. The anti rape condom.....makes my pee pee hurt thinking about it.

6. Blue Boobies and pee pees: Hustler has just wrapped production on highest-budget movie production to date, a XXX parody of James Cameron’s Avatar. Titled This Ain’t Avatar XXX.

7. Remember that Gay McDonalds ad in France. Well, it didnt work.

8. Batman's made up his mind, he's keeping Superman's baby (seriously, everyone I show this to is a little disturbed by it...I think it's funny.)

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