Movie Time: Like 5 months worth of Movies.

Phew....I havnt done a movie review in awhile huh? Let's see....I guess I'll just jump right in.

Clash of the Titans- For those of you who read/watch this blog regularly, you know that I am some what of a Greek and Roman mythology history loon. Proof you say? Well, It's the only class I got an A in throughout all 4 years of college. I have written atleast 25 papers regarding any given mythical story at any given time. I have also been know to ask my significant others whether they could handle dating someone who worshipped Zues on a daily basis. That's three, and they say three is a magic number. Needless to say, I was excited for this movie. It's a classic. I remember watching the claymation action as a kid and think, "It cant get any better than this." And quiet frankly...after barely 2 hours.....it didnt.

I'm not going to say it's a bad movie. But I am going to highlight a few points:

1. It was far too short. The point of the Original Clash of the Titans (dont correct be if I'm wrong- cause I'm not) is to highlight the plight of a journey. There should be multiple separate scenes joined together by multiple separate shots of people traveling. It's a Trek. An epic Trek, if you will. Instead they gave the viewer crazy ridiculous CGI scene, after crazy ridiculous CGI scene, after crazy ridiculous CGI scene. At one point in the movie, I literally had no idea how many bad guys there were and who was fighting who. They were simply trying to wow us, instead of telling us a story. And if we are talking about the Greeks and the Romans, we are talking about stories. Nothing more...nothing less.

2. They rewrote significant parts of the movie. Yeah, so plot points in the original where glossed over. I bet your saying "So what Shaun, get over it....it was suppose to be a block buster." Well, how do you explain them changing the story? Yep, that happened too. I dont want to get too geeky about all the things they changed or left out (and that's the worst...the left out parts), but Pegasus was not a negro flying horse. Okay....let's get that right. I know we have a black president but come the f*ck on.....(and I'm allowed to say this cause I'm black).

3. The Kraken was not crack'n. It looked like something I saw back in 2003 in the Lord of the Ring movie. Not even the second one. But the first one. Remember that fight scene when the first went underground through dwarf land and Legalas shot that big ass evil know in the eye. Yeah...the kraken was it's CGI twin. No originality points. They should've just left it the way it was. But I will give the CGI points for the Medusa work. It was very cool to see how she evolved onto the 2010 screen.

Now, I know it seems like I'm going in on this movie. But I was truley disappointed. I did that thing where I pirchased tickets for friends ahead of time, and then they paid me back. I havn't done that since the 2nd Matrix movie. I guess I just really loved the original. I dont wan't to get into the casting all that much....but that dude from the last Terminator movie who played Perseus can not act for his life. Combine that with a half-assed script and no character development at all...and 1981 wins this round.

Iron Man 2. This review will be shorter, I promise.

I think that this Iron Man movie is the best sequel I have seen to a comic book based movie franchise since X Men 2. Yep I said it. It is better than the original one. More action. The same about of intrinsic wit. Graet acting on every one's part....especially Mickey Rourk. His performance made me want to give The Wrestler another chance (I've tried to watch it like 3 times now). I;m still a little sore that they pulled an "Aunt Vivian" on Terrance Howard with Don Cheadle....but I got over it. Another point...Scarlette Johasen, I could actually stand her in this movie. And her little action sequence was impressively cool. The only hitch, was Samuel "I'm tired of these mother fucking snakes, on this mother fucking plan" L. Jackson. I legitimately can't take him seriously any more. And then he does movies like The Spirit, where he dressed up in a Nazi Uniform and calls himself The Octopus. Yeah. Robert Downey Jr also allegedly made a new element in like 10 minutes....this seemed to rub the group I was with in the wrong way. Everyone is a physicist these days, jeeezzze....gosh. On another note, they also set up the Thor movie at the very end, and hinted at a possible Avengers movie. I had to school a girlfriend when she snickered at the name. Anyway go see it if you havn't already. And see it in the theater. I'm telling you...it's worth it.

Kick-Ass. Now this was a treat. Late one Friday evening it came down to this movie, or that recent action flick that my movie wife, Zoe Saldana was in. I choose Kick-Ass to avoid STDs(Spontaneous Torrential Droolings) whilst at the movies with the significant other. And I was really pleasantly surprised. I kind of assumed since that nerdy kid was in it, that is would be like Super-Bad. And you know...you have to be in a certain mood for that type of funny (penis jokes). But it was actually more like Kill Bill meets...I don't even now. The writing was great. The movie always took me someplace I would not have expected. And the plot was truly interesting. No lagging at all. But the clincher, I think was definitely that little girl slicing and dicing people up. But it was funny too. Fresh. I even talked about it at the office. Definitely a DVD own. I hope the sequel is as funny.

Other Good Watches: The Fantastic Mr. Fox (surprisingly adult oriented humor with a quirky new style of stop motion animation), Julie & Julia (Meryle Streep is just a fucking great actress, no matter the role, she alone made that movie worth watching) and The Crazies (though not quiet crazy enough for my tastes...it will do).

I'm not even going to get into the bad ones. I know you are tired of reading my pitch patchy writing style. So.....


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