New Artist Alert: B.o.B

So, I'm here to review the B.O.B album. Something I would have never thought I would do. After I heard that Beautiful Girls song 10 thousand times on the radio, I took it off my ipod and thought I'd never hear from this guy again, willingly. Well, it turns out I spoke too soon. Stuck in someone elses car driving from NJ, I heard the whole album. And it is truly refreshing. Apparently he is multi-talented artist....sings, raps...plays instruments too. Above is his lasted video for the song Airplanes which features Kyley Williams (???).

What I like is that he isn't afreiad to mix sounds on his album. He clearly is an urban music head at heart....but his album still manages to feel like every song is different- featuring artist from Weezer, Janelle Monae, Eminem Lupe Fiasco, TI and more. It's good sh*t mang (and womang). Below are a few of my favorites from what apparently is his freshman album: B.o.B: Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray. Get on it.

You are welcome.


Christian said...

I love "No Man's Land" as well. It reminds me of some old school Outkast. But it's wicked how B.O.B. is able to showcase so many different sounds over one album.

MinaMachelle said...

its hayley williams from paramore just so u know :-)

shaun. said...

consider me educated.