The Linkdown.

1. So, The Situation has his own song. It sound like a gay club anthem. But on another note...can you guys believe how "famous" this cast is getting. They get way more fame cred than even the Real Worlds in the early 90's did.

2. Pin-Up calenders for radiologist. Mmmmm, sexy pelvic bone.

3. Megan Fox, f*cking a Megan Fox Mannequin makes my loins confused. Creepy or Hot?

4. Gay Couple win Prom King and Queen (King) at NY high school. Strides.

5. BP Executive spill Coffee. And handle it in the same way they did with that oil stuff.

6. F*ckin dept collectors. Take that...take that...take that.

7. Mr. T is getting that steady paycheck Good for him.

9. Obama's "official words on BP." Is it a little too late? Mayhaps.

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