"Some Guy."

This has nothing to do with anything (maybe we can put it under Wimbledon coverage). I just think it's funny how on this "urban website" the caption reads "Serena Williams hugging 'some guy'..." Ummm, you mean the only notable male professional tennis player that has represented USA in countless international tournaments for at least a decade...ANDY RODDICK?????

It's funny how our cultural melting pot of a country, no matter how hard we try is more like a stove oven. We are all on the same stove, but we all cook up or own sh*t on completely different burners. And when we finally see each other on the plate, we pretend to know about each other. This coming from a man who has had to describe what a line up was at least 10 thousand times in 26 years.

Side note: Andy Roddick is the most popular professional male tennis players in the world right now. Andy Murray and James Blake, I could see someone not knowing them. And I'm not counting the past...Sampers...Aggassi....etc.


Craig Brimm said...


But what was she celebrating, LOL.

shaun. said...

riddick was probably like..."damn girl, your booty is crazy."