Offensive Ads?

Sooooo, Craig at KMBA asked a good question- are these ads above offensive? At first glance, yes. I'm so very offended. I'm offended by the lack of cultural sensitivity. In it's raw form, this is a woman in black face. Do you know what blackface is? AMC's Madmen certainly does. Then I'm offended at the lack of concept. What is this ad about? Why are these visuals the way they are?  What the deal with the fellatio reference? Or the sexual innuendos in general? Is this an attempt to be risqué...about bowling? And then upon reading the copy, we figure out it's for an inter-ad agency bowling competition. So....to compile the facts, in an industry well know for discrimination and flat out racial/cultural ignorance, this ad was made to promote an "in house", internally approved, extracurricular activity, and it has not just a slight an inkling of racial undertone.....but f*ckin blackface? Come the f*ck on. This, is a joke.

The only thing that saves this ad from making me slightly irritated all day, is the fact that the agency, FP7 Oman, may be located in Dubai. So...they get a pass, cause I'm pretty sure that they don't know what blackface is. So, the point of this blog post???? If I ever visit Dubai, I may or may not want to go bowling.

SIDE NOTE: I know there is some historical accuracy to accoutn for, but raise you hand if you almost changed the channel last Sunday, when Roger did his blackface routine on Madmen? ***raised hand*** 



golublog said...

That scene was really really uncomfortable. I wondered on the show if that was why Don wanted to leave, or just because he was sick of roger in general.

shaun. said...

i think he was just sick of him taking life as a joke. so much so that no one knows when to take him seriously.

check out this site...

the author recaps the entire episode, pice by piece. you pick up alot when your reading an episode.

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