Floating River Pools.

+ Pool is an initiative by a group of architects and designers to build a floating pool in the rivers of New York City… and they need your help. The project was launched with the ambition to improve the use of the city’s natural resources by providing a clean and safe way for the public to swim in New York’s waters. This site is the culmination of Concept Design for + Pool and they are looking to build a team of interested organizations and professionals to continue the development of the project into a buildable proposal.

Their next step is to partner with local cultural, developmental and environmental groups to raise public and private interest, identify civic potential and approach the municipality, while working with engineers, planners and specialists to refine the social and ecological performance of + Pool.

These are a good idea, because lets face it. The only thing the sucks about NY is it's lack of easy access to swimming in the summer (chicago!!!). There either needs to be alot of these, or it should be a membership type of thing....cause just the thought of another NY public pool makes me want to get STD testing.

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