Hump to the oldies. hahahha

Lately, ive been in the mood for some oldies.
This edition of HUMPDAY is for yall who love oldies
and for those who need to start loving them.

p.s. do you like my humpday image above? get the concept?

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Here are my thoughts:
1. break up to have make up sex

I was going to number all the ones that are classics but it would take to long.

3. he knows hes being used/played but yet he stays with her- he gots it bad... its a shame
4. aww man... this always reminds me of love and basketball. the part were they slow dance at the school dance.
5. if you know about this song too, then i'm impressed
11. i wished there were more than 33 seconds, what a tease
and there's more thoughts but my fingers are feeling fatigue from typing.


Sheena said...

wow Shaun, u knooooooow how much I appreciate this post! this is my ipod pretty much =)

Rachel mua said...

masterminded by L. Dad would be proud, hehe

Anonymous said...

comment on the image: does this mean there are certain blue pills in that middle compartment?