Super Ad Bowl 2011.

The good, the bad and the ugly (of what I remember). Here is Prosthought's obligatory Super Bowl Ad review.

"The Force."

Cute...my only problem is that the kid is too young to be that obsessed with Star Wars. This is a mishandling of generational experiences. But does it matter? It's made for our parents and us. The kid is just a prop to get us to feel nastalgic. VW is NOT the only car with automatic transmissions...let's be serious. But thier creatives are, the only ones that could make this spot. And that's was ads are about people. And the kid unmasked...is sorta not cute. Let's stop giving him play.

Mercedes "Welcome"

Do we really want our cars to do this? Drive away aimlessly in the middle of the night. Peoples insurance must be sky high with this sh*t owning a Mercedes. And Diddy, still cant act (and he was only on the screen for 10 seconds).

Audi "Release the Hounds"

"Hit them with the Kenny G." Lol.

BMW "Defying Logic"

It does make sense that MNW would outsource to America to build cars. It's cheaper. But hot damn, cause we build it. it must be American. I'm sure they tricked the tea party. And I wouldve never shown someone clipping on that little BMW insignia piece on the hood. Makes the car look cheap.

Snickers "Logging"

Good enough. But it's no Betty White or Aretha Franklyn.

Bridgestone "Reply All"

A human truth is always funny. Accidental Reply alls is liking telling your mom about your sex life. Some things....you just cant take back.

Carmax "Candy Store"


Doritos "Best Part."

And this....made everyone in the room cringe at once. Which means it was successful. Everyone has boundaries...and apparently sucking the cheese off of someone's fingers at work with out permission is EVERYONE's boundary.

I guess that's it. You already know about my love for the new Beetle Spot. Bud had a good one...as usual. Timothy Hutton gave a big "Fuck you, just keep making food for me" to Tibet. The test baby was just a little disturbing. Coke was a little ho-hum this year. I love dragons as much as the next full grown man in his 20s....but this is a little wack. But I feel like I am missing something.....(I was taking shots, every time a team scored or someone said FOX, or Walt the head official was on the screen. So...I could be forgetting a spot here or there.

There were an overflow of cars spots. Chevy, VW, BMW and Mercedes must not have got hit by the recession. And if not cars....stuff for cars. Tires, insurance, etc. And if not stuff for cars, GoDaddy.com (or .co) promoting plastic surgery. Packers won, which is vindication for the Jets. And Christina Aguilera showed all of America that she hated freedom. So al-all...an ok time.

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