Covering Feb 2011.

So the ipad has it's own digital news paper called The Daily. This was a recent cover....Jobs is killin it over there.
The lovely Kerry. That is all.

This woman is still getting paid to be naked. Some one needs to put a stop to this, or will she make grandma titties fashionable, again. Again...wait, wha?

The NY Post would've done better.

The Human Torch/Captain America.

I'm proud of Brandy for making it back into the graces of fame. She is indecisive as hell and when she she speaks...she is never really saying anything."Everybody knows, almost doesn't count."
More naked models. Young ones this time...phewww.

WIRED did a creepy litt cover that took real people personal info and put them on covers. That's so fetch.
I guess I can take visiting Egypt off of my bucket list.

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