Spousal abuse, I can smell.

So Rihanna has a fragrance called Reb'l Fleur. The good...her spot is creative as all hell. The very beginning is stunning. Produced by Droga 5...(you you already now it's gonna be what's up) the clip has been designed to be played forwards and backwards which represents the duality and both Rhianna and the idea of good and bad. Check out the micro site. Pretty cool.

The bad , for a second there...all those feathers made me think about Big Bird.
Am I lying?

The ugly...the bottle this fragrance comes in...is atrocious looking.

You already know this chic is gonna cash in on this fragrance. But thinking about next steps, wouldn't it be interesting if Chris Brown made a cologne? He could call it Breezy (cough::beater Breezy::). Alliteration.


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