The Dangerous Womb of the Black Woman.

This lovely billboard went up in Soho earlier this week. The line: “The Most Dangerous Place For An African-American Child Is In The Womb.”

Sigh...where do I start? Let's take ones personal opinion of abortion out of this for a second. The advocates for this poster as saying "facts, are facts...black women have more abortions." So since facts are facts (cause you know all of life is that simple), what exactly are you hoping to accomplish with this poster? Are you trying to stop black women from having abortions? Or are you trying to let every other race know how f*cked up the black woman is?

Point blank...everyone has the right to have an opinion about abortion, but slandering and entire population for the hell of it (with absolutely no regard to the issues behind the scene) is appalling. I personally feel that woman's right on the matter are a little bit more indepth than a statistic. And when you are going to call one out, why would you pick the one about race...and put it up in New York city...the mecca of ethnicity?

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