Life Lesson: Man Tears Prt 4

Another one bit the dust. Listen...I am waging a personal war against what I consider should be considered a hate crime in this country. MAN TEARS. I have posted about this before, but last week (or two nights ago depending on when I decide to watch it on my dvr) Ronny from Jersey Shore just got added to my list of perpetrators. He and "Reality star" Sammi had a not-to-inspiring break-up/ throw-down on national tv for us to wittness, and this dude responded with tears (like a child, all sniffling on tv and what not).

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Men. Crying is normal. Crying infront of people...is unacceptable. Crying on camera..is a sin. Don't get caught up in this trap. It is NEVER a good look. Society does not respect a crying dude.

The only exceptions are:

-A Death (and at the funeral...no where else)
-The birth of your child

And even from that list...you can only do one in public (I'm not gonna tell you which one). I guess it's a fact of life, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Watch this clip. It's despicable. And I cant even find the after math of the fight...where he is laying in bed while boring as hell Sammi is asking him if she should stay. And he nods at her, like a three year old who just got in trouble. Oooooorrrrr, an Animal Hoarder that just got all 55 of their African Finch Back Parrots taken away from them (shout out to Animal Planets: Animal Hoarders, Friday nights at 10pm on Animal Planet) lol.

There needs to be a revolution. This use to be a small issue. I use to be able to overlook these. But it's starting to get out of control. And I think I know what the tipping point was. I blame John (teary-mcgee) Bahner.

P.S. I love reality tv (most of the time).

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