So J. Crew is really forward thinking huh....

So being the only person in my circle of friends that's in advertising...I'm always getting forwards of ads that people like. Little do they know, I'm not doing anything merely as cool, but I've seen most of what they show me. Until a few weeks ago, when a buddy of mine forwarded j crews website to me. And low amd behold on the landing page was an image of a little boy having his toenails painted by his mom, in bright pink.

Well guess what? They didn't stop there. Now the website spotlights one of the companys designers and (drun roll please) his boyfriend. Gasp. While the toenail controvesy spured lovely commentary such as "blatant propaganda celebrating transgendered children." The gates are still wide up in terms of the back lash that this gay imagery will stir up.

My opinion. About the little boy with pink toenails...I'm up in the air about that. Why would you paint a little boys toenails, at all? That's just silly. As an ex-camp counselor, I can tell you that certain little boys show gay tendencies super early in life. I've seen 5 year olds who pretended to be princesses and quoted the little mermaid for 3 months straight. My advice to thier parents was to get back to the baby making if they wanted a football loving, woman inpregtating manly, man. There are also kids who just like to try sh*t. And all of that is fine. But why add to the confusion of identity, so early in life? Now, with that said....gay men in fashion? That's a no brainer. Have you ever seen project run way? The straight guys never win.

But in the end....who cares? Fashion ads have been doing this for years. They are all about homoerotic imagery. Pushing the barriers. Take a walk through Chealsea, there are so many naked dudes plastered all over billboards, you would think you were in a porno (or Britney Spear's "I'm a Slave for You" video). So why is J. Crew getting hung out to dry? It's not because they are a preppy brand. Tammy Hilfiger is way more preppy and look what he did. If anything...J. Crew should be getting praises. For opening up thier market share. American fashion is a dying breed. Only rich people who own private jets and play polo at thier Hampton summer home wear American Clothing. I mean how man ways can you rock a cable knit sweater? Being gay is totally in right now. Go gay....get that pay*. i aint made at you J. Crew.

*J. Crew It might also help if you took your prices down also. :::side eye:::

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