"A Very Caucasian Cover Of A Chris Brown/Busta Rhymes/Lil Wayne Song"

So these two young ones decided to do a cover of Chris Browns "Look at me Now." I'm not giving you a link, cuase if you are alive, then you have heard the original atleast 85 times.

My opinion, you know...at first I was like. Why? But as the song goes on, the chic kinda kills it. Gotta love natural enthusiasm. There is a lesson for you....always"sell that sh*t." Eventually someone will like it. Look at FOX news (yep, I went there).

VIA thebestweekever

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Jazmin said...

I'm impressed....but she definitely needed that breath during the Busta part. I can't rap that without using nonsense words (in place of the real ones) and passing out. And she was able to sing after?

I was entertained to say the least.