I Am Designer: A Manifesto for Change.

A project that takes a lighthearted look at some of the failings of the design industry, many of which are more relevant than ever moving into the digital future...

Below is the text of the Manifesto, or Creed, I am not really sure how to define it

Unfortunately, unlike 'designer' labels or furniture, designers themselves are often not treated as a valuable commodity. There exists an unfortunate cultural history of exploitation in Visual Communication, and indeed the arts in general. Designers, especially young designers, are expected to work for little or no money, either to prove themselves, gain exposure, or provide spec work. Participating in such practices cheapens both the designer's work, and the Visual Communications industry in general, and demonstrates a lack of respect for the value of effective design. It is an unprofessional approach that is not tolerated in many other industries (You would not get you kitchen renovated, then decide when it is finnished that it is not quite what you had in mind, so you wont pay) Design has the possibility to push and enrich human experience; it explores, documents, evokes, situates, contextualizes, punctuates, subverts, contradicts, and communicates. Its value is long proven, but little understood.

......The world of visual communication is undergoing an incredible change. No longer are we bound by geography, free to share, inspire, learn, educate and collaborate with anyone in the world. In an industry defined by an intangible and unquantifiable commodity known as creativity, the internet has sparked a revolution.

We trade in ideas, and instantaneous communication has revolutionized the way we do business.

Moving into the digital future, where anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can be a designer, it is important that we address some of the issues stated above so that everyone is on the same page.

It's a revolution people. See and read more about it here. Designer Ben Crick breaks it down for us. He makes valid points....but remember. Every designers/creative mind is different. Blanket staments should be taken for what they are. Blankets.

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